What Not to Do When in an Islamic Country

Islam is one of the most important religions in the word regarding its adherents. Among the most followed religions found in the world today, Islam comes second, only bettered by Christianity. Those who follow Islam are referred to as Muslims, and their place of worship is in the mosque.


Islam as a religion strictly follows the sharia law which forms part of the Islamic tradition. This law is also referred to as the sharia law and is obtained mainly from the Quran. Islamic tradition differs considerably from the Christian tradition, which explains why it is important for Christians traveling to Islamic countries to first understand the Islamic culture so that they know the things they are not supposed to do while in an Islamic country.


Most countries situated in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia are strict followers of Islam religion and sharia law. Whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim in these countries, it is mandatory that you adhere to the Islam law and Islamic traditions. Some of the things that you are not expected to do in an Islamic country include the following.


In an Islamic country, you are not expected to eat with the left hand. Eating with the left hand is generally regarded as unclean. Also, you are expected to show politeness by leaving a bit of food on the plate. Failure to do so will be interpreted as if you are not full and your plate will be filled up once more, and you will be expected to continue eating.


Pork or pork products are prohibited in most Islamic countries. Therefore you are not supposed to ask for pork or pork products. Instead, you should ask about Halal food.


Most Islamic countries that strictly follow Islam regions prohibit the drinking of alcohol or smoking. If the country you are visiting does not offer alcohol, you should not ask for it.


During the personal presentation, you should not show the bottom of your foot to another individual since it is regarded as an Insult by observant Muslims. The best way to conduct yourself, therefore, is by keeping both feet on the floor.


When interacting, males and females are prohibited from holding hands together in public. However, there is no problem with the same gender holding hands together. You should, therefore, observe this.


Most Islamic Countries do not allow non-Muslims to worship in public. Also, expect no non-Muslim worship places in Islamic countries. This law is aimed at preventing any attempt by non-Muslims to convert Muslims to other religions.


Countries that strictly follow Islam do not allow women in the gyms. This is due to the belief by Muslims that gym should be reserved for men. Therefore do not expect to be accepted in a gym in Islamic countries. If you’re bringing your kids with you , you might want to check which¬†outdoor group activities for kids is okay to do.¬†


Finally, do not celebrate Valentine in an Islamic country. Islamic countries do not celebrate valentines, and on February 14, individuals are barred from selling or wearing anything that is red. Any store that fails to comply with this law can be closed down right away. This law is in place to avoid cases of extramarital dating.